Rick Stephens is a buck tooth, and though an average looking guy, his self confidence was usually at zilch. He had no luck with women and would never be able to approach a woman, leave alone communicating with her.

He was afraid of rejection, he had sort of proposed a woman, who had said no to him. The sense of rejection hit our friend Rick who withdrew into a shell. He would enviously look at his friend Samuel who was quite a hit with women. Being an average looker, he somehow had the gift of gab, the smooth talking power which would make him hit on any woman he wanted. Rick wished he could be as lucky, but to no avail. 450 bushmaster ammo

He was resigned to his fate, thought he would coolly accept a woman which his parents would consider for him. As a last ditch, Rick scouted the internet to find out the art of approaching women. Many of his friends had told him there were some crappy books online which beat around the bush and did not exactly specify the techniques and lines which would show how to get a woman interested in you. Finally, as he was about to turn off the computer, he decided to give one more last try and ended up, seeing the ‘art of approaching women’ written by Joseph Matthews. What Rick saw, made him pleased.

The book promised a lot and seemed to have answers to his questions. Rick knew that he had nothing to lose because if he was not interested, he would get a refund. However, the book made him feel like a Greek God. Not only did Rick master the art of approaching women, he was able to seduce a couple of women. Rick was now a stud, he now give tips to other guys on how one can make a woman feel good and interested in you. Though approaching women is no rocket science,